support for your lock cylinders, maintenance tips

Important maintenance tips for lock cylinders

Lock cylinders must not come into contact with oils that have a sticking, resinous or oxidant effect. Graphic powder, an old and popular household remedy, can no longer be recommended.
In other words: Cylinders should not be treated with graphite nor with other oils as it might be extremely harmful for the mechanism. These substances can cause gluing which cannot be removed without dismantling the devices.
Consequently, we recommend BKS-care spray which is particularly suitable for treating lock cylinders, padlocks and locking security devices for the windows – free of resin and acids.
In order to guarantee a trouble-free lock, take our maintenance tips under advisement. The right maintenance makes the difference: that’s how your lock cylinder keeps working:

  1. Do not install the door cylinder forcibly.
  2. Due to security reasons, we recommend that the cylinder does not stick out more than 3mm off the door fitting (lt. 5 DIN).
  3. We recommend burglary resistant door fittings.
  4. Use only intact keys to open and close the cylinder.
  5. Always insert the key up to the stop.
  6. Never use force when turning the key.
  7. Open the door with the handle, don’t use the keys.
  8. Don’t leave the key in the lock, it might damage the lock.
  9. Take care of your cylinder regularly by using BKS-care spray.
  10. Don’t use oils.